Workers Compensation Lawyers


A hundred years ago, we did not have workers compensation lawyers but the workman’s compensation goes down in history to thousand(s) years ago during Hammurabi and the Code period. Only after the common law of middle Ages did the worker’s compensation lawyer rose. Here’s a good read about workers comp lawyer dc, check it out!

The common law gave rise of the legal framework that provided the platform for workers compensation to get through the new industrial revolution. During the early periods of industrial revolution, it is hard to differentiate workers compensation lawyers and the other lawyers by simply their name because they were not called by that name initially. They were known to have strict principals which guided them during this period of Industrial Revolution which workers found it difficult when receiving compensations or filing complaints, even when they get help from workers compensation lawyers. Learn more about Ashcraft & Gerel, go here.

If there were contributory negligence, then injury-based compensations or sickness would not be awarded. Other restrictions of the award included; risk assumption during job acceptance and if fellow workers caused the injuries.

If there was negligence associated with the contribution, or injuries resulting from the other employee, or risk assumption was made by the injured person during the first day of job seeking, then sickness or injuries compensation wouldn’t be awarded. Therefore, it was difficult for the worker’s compensation lawyer to file and win the case.

Many ordinary workers were left with no money to cure their injuries because of the tremendous compensation filing cost. Hence, the workers were forced to look for the safer job which would less likely expose them to changes of significant harms.

Due to this problem, several societies grew up which would help workers get relieved of the high costs of filing cases. One of the methods they used to do this is by volunteering workers compensation lawyers who would assist the workers acquire the various types of the liability insurance. Even though such protection was not much profitable and minimal, it provided a better option than nothing.

The popularity of the worker’s compensation got experienced in the nineteenth century after the workers’ compensation laws adopted in Europe. Hence, it was possible for the workers to file their cases by hiring specialized lawyers who would follow the government procedures. Finally, the problem of filing cases was solved, and many lawyers prevailed in claiming compensation of the workers at the court making the workers’ compensation layers famous today in assisting clients with workers compensation cases


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